Pivot Table Shortcut Keys in Excel

Pivot Table Shortcut

Pivot Table Shortcut Keyboard Keys in Excel helps us to fasten process while creating summarized Pivot Table reports.

Pivot Table Shortcut Keys in Excel:

Shortcut Description
Alt+N+V+T Create Pivot Table from the selected data
Ctrl + A OR Ctrl + Shift + * Select an entire pivot table(not including report filters)
Press Alt + JT and then W + T Select an entire pivot table(including report filterse)
Alt + F1 Create pivot chart in Existing Sheet
F11 Create pivot chart on new sheet
Alt + Shift + Right Arrow Group Pivot Table Items
Alt + Shift + Left Arrow Ungroup selected pivot table items
Spacebar Toggle Pivot Table Field Checkbox
Alt + F5 Refresh the selected or Current pivot table
Ctrl + Alt + F5 Refresh all pivot tables in the workbook
Ctrl + – Hide Selected Pivot Table item or field
Alt + D and P Open the PivotTable and PivotChart Wizard
Alt + Down Arrow Open Field List for the Active Cell
Alt + R Move selected field into Row area
Alt + C Move selected field into Column area
Alt + D Move selected field into Value area
Alt + P Move selected field into filter area
Down Arrow Select next field or item in PivotTable
Up Arrow Select previous field or item in PivotTable
Home Select first field or item in PivotTable
End Select last field or item in PivotTable
Shift + Ctrl + = Opens Calculated Item dialog box of field or item

Pivot Table:

Let’s see complete tutorial of the Pivot table.

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