Pivot Table Advantages and Disadvantages

Advantages & Disadvantages of Pivot Table

Pivot Table Advantages and Disadvantages. Pivot Tables Helps Us In Summarizing The Report Of A Large Amounts Of Data Sets. The Pivot Table Also Helps Us To Analyse Large Amounts Of Data Sets And Quickly Summarize Data Using Different Aggregate Functions And Helps Easy To Find Data Patterns.

Let us see Pivot Table advantages and disadvantages in Excel. We have more number of benefits using Pivot Table and very less number of disadvantages.

Advantages of Pivot Table in Excel:

Here we have list of Advantages or pros of Excel Pivot Table.

  • Pivot Tables Are User Friendly.
  • Pivot Table Data Analysis Is Very Easy By Analyzing Data
  • The Pivot Table Helps To Analyse Large Amounts Of Data Sets And Quickly Summarize Data Using Aggregate Functions And Helps Easy To Find Data Patterns
  • Pivot Table Helps You To Create And View Accurate Instant Required Summarized Data, Create Reports And Key Insights Faster By Applying A Filter To The Pivot Table
  • We Create A Pivot Table Easily From Range Or Table Or External Data Source, Or Data Model.
  • Pivot Table Helps The Team Or Higher-Level Management To Take Reliable Decisions Faster In The Organisations.
  • Pivot Table Is A Great Tool For A Faster, Easier Analysis, Sorting Data, And Summarizing Data.
  •  Pivot Table Helps To Create Multiple Summarized Reports On Multiple Data Sets From A Single Set Of Large Amounts Of Data.  It Is Easy To Manage And Less Intimidating.
  •  Pivot Table Makes Thousands Of Cells Data Into Just A Small Table And Helps Us To Analyse A Lot Of Information Easily And Quickly.
  • Pivot Tables Work With Both Sql Exports And Sql Servers. This Helps To Easily Collect Data And Transfer It To Required Format To Easily Analyse Data.
  • Pivot Tables Help To Easily Segment Data No Matter How Large The Data Set Is. This Helps To Analyze Data Much Easier And See Instant Results In The Data.
  • We Can Easily Add Multiple Rows, Columns And Data Fields At A Time To The Spreadsheet. It Improves Productivity To Get Your Work Done.
  • Pivot Table Helps To Hide Protected Or Unused Rows Or Columns.

Disadvantages of Excel Pivot Table:

Let us see the list of Disadvantages or cons of Excel Pivot Table.

  • Pivot Table Takes Time To Learn To Understand Data And Metrics Before They Create, Summarize And Present Data.
  • We Need To Refresh Data When There Are Additions Or Updates In The Source Data. There Are No Automatic Updates
  • It Can Be A Time Consuming Task Depending On How You Would Like To Present Your Data Within The Pivot Table, Using It Can Actually Take Some Time.
  • The Pivot Table Tool Does Not Include A Greater Number Of Calculation Options.  We Must Manually Calculate The Data Or To Manually Input Equations Which Can Take Some Time.
  • Older Computers Might Not Be Able To Handle Large Data Sets, Sometimes We Can See Computers Crash When We Are Handling Large Amounts Of Data Sets.

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