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VBA Information Functions in Excel

VBA Information Functions can be use to convert numeric values or strings. These are ENVIRON, IsArray, IsDate, IsEmpty, IsError, IsMissing, IsNull, IsNumeric, IsObject etc. These functions are Built-In functions. We can use these VBA Information functions in either procedure or function. These functions we use in the VBA editor window in Excel. These Information functions you can use any number of times in VBA macro codes.

List of Information Functions in Excel VBA:

Here are the list of Information functions. And also find its description, syntax and return type. We can use these multiple Information functions in one statement.

Function Description Syntax Return Type
VBA ENVIRON VBA ENVIRON function returns value of the current operating system environment variable. Environ(Expression) String
VBA IsArray VBA IsArray function checks a specified variable is an array or not. IsArray(VarName) Boolean
VBA IsDate VBA IsDate function checks specified Expression is date or not. It returns True if it is valid date. IsDate(Expression) Boolean
VBA IsEmpty VBA IsEmpty function checks specified Expression is empty or not. IsEmpty(Expression) Boolean
VBA IsError VBA IsError function checks specified Expression is error or not. IsError(Expression) Boolean
VBA IsMissing VBA IsMissing function checks specified an optional argument is missing or not. IsMissing(ArgName) Boolean
VBA IsNull VBA IsNull function checks specified Expression is Null or not. IsNull(Expression) Boolean
VBA IsNumeric VBA IsNumeric function checks specified Expression is Numeric or not. IsNumeric(Expression) Boolean
VBA IsObject VBA IsObject function checks specified variable is an object or not. IsObject(Expression) Boolean

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