Text Files

VBA Text Files helps us to communicate data between different computer systems. There is no format and data is available in binary format. We can import data from test files and export data to text files. Text files performance is very fast when writing, reading or storing data.

The XML files are also text files. The only difference between these two are the XML files are more structured and highly organized format. It is widely used to communicate data across Internet. But it doesn’t contain different formats. Where as it contains different formats to use.

Create Microsoft Scripting Runtime Reference

Microsoft Scripting Runtime Reference

Create Microsoft Scripting Runtime Library Reference. Here are the instructions to add reference before running below VBA macro code. Table of Contents: Objective Step by step instructions to add Microsoft Scripting Runtime Library reference Create FSO Object VBA FSO Auto List Members Enable VBA FSO Auto List Members Instructions to Run VBA Macro Code Other …

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