VBA Pivot Table Methods

VBA Pivot Table Methods

VBA Pivot Table Methods. The Pivot Table object is a member of the Pivot-tables collection. The Pivot-tables collection contains all the Pivot Table objects. The Pivot Table object contains methods & properties. Let us see methods and their syntax.

VBA Pivot Table Methods

Let us see about Pivot Table object Methods in Excel VBA. The following methods and their syntax we use to automate pivot tables in VBA code.

Method Syntax
AddDataField PivotTable.AddDataField (Field, Caption, Function)
AddFields PivotTable.AddFields (RowFields, ColumnFields, PageFields, AddToTable)
AllocateChanges PivotTable.AllocateChanges
CalculatedFields PivotTable.CalculatedFields
ChangeConnection PivotTable.ChangeConnection (conn)
ChangePivotCache PivotTable.ChangePivotCache (bstr)
ClearAllFilters PivotTable.ClearAllFilters
ClearTable PivotTable.ClearTable
CommitChanges PivotTable.CommitChanges
ConvertToFormulas PivotTable.ConvertToFormulas (ConvertFilters)
CreateCubeFile PivotTable.CreateCubeFile (File, Measures, Levels, Members, Properties)
DiscardChanges PivotTable.DiscardChanges
DrillDown PivotTable.DrillDown (PivotItem, PivotLine)
DrillTo PivotTable.DrillTo (PivotItem, CubeField, PivotLine)
DrillUp PivotTable.DrillUp (PivotItem, PivotLine, LevelUniqueName)
GetData PivotTable.GetData (Name)
GetPivotData PivotTable.GetPivotData (DataField, Field1, Item1, Field2, Item2, Field3, Item3, Field4, Item4, Field5, Item5, 
Field6, Item6, Field7, Item7, Field8, Item8, Field9, Item9, Field10, Item10, Field11, Item11, Field12, Item12,
 Field13, Item13, Field14, Item14)
ListFormulas PivotTable.ListFormulas
PivotCache PivotTable.PivotCache
PivotFields PivotTable.PivotFields (Index)
PivotSelect PivotTable.PivotSelect (Name, Mode, UseStandardName)
PivotTableWizard PivotTable.PivotTableWizard (SourceType, SourceData, TableDestination, TableName, RowGrand,
 ColumnGrand, SaveData, HasAutoFormat, AutoPage, Reserved, BackgroundQuery, OptimizeCache,
 PageFieldOrder, PageFieldWrapCount, ReadData, Connection)
PivotValueCell PivotTable.PivotValueCell (RowLine, ColumnLine)
RefreshDataSourceValues PivotTable.RefreshDataSourceValues
RefreshTable PivotTable.RefreshTable
RepeatAllLabels PivotTable.RepeatAllLabels (Repeat)
RowAxisLayout PivotTable.RowAxisLayout (RowLayout)
ShowPages PivotTable.ShowPages (PageField)
SubtotalLocation PivotTable.SubtotalLocation (Location)
Update PivotTable.Update

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