VBA Advantages of an Array in Excel

VBA Advantages of an Array in Excel. There are several advantages of an array in Excel. In this tutorial we have defined multiple advantages.It helps us to understand better.

Array Advantages:

  • An Array stores data of same type data elements or formulas by using single name.
  • All the array elements are stored in continuous memory location.
  • All the elements of an array are distinguished from one another with subscript.
  • The Index number plays major role to call each element in an array.
  • Easily we can access array elements by using array index or subscript.
  • We can implement other data structures like linked lists, stacks, queues, trees, graphs etc.
  • We represent multi-dimensional arrays as matrix.
  • It has consistency among all the data elements.
  • Using the arrays, we can speed up the work.
  • we can use dynamic array to redefine size of an array.
  • The arrays used in macro code very easy to maintain.
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