VBA to copy specific data to another worksheet based on Today’s date and another specific criteria

I have a log that tracks incoming work within the department, we receive a number of different documents and forward them out to different areas.  What I am trying to do is copy those that are forwarded today and sent to “Legal” only in another worksheet.  I’ve seen a variety of macros out here that have covered bits and pieces of what I’m trying to accomplish but I’m pretty new to this and am not having a ton of success at translating the pieces into a cohesive code.

Here is a screenshot of what I trying to populate, I have labeled the columns from the master sheet that I need to reference to get the information, unfortunately they are not consecutive.

VBA to copy specific data to another worksheet based on Today's date and another specific criteria

I want this sheet to only populate items that were sent to Legal (column Y in my related sheet) and forwarded today (Column X related sheet) or possibly a date range selected by the user?

I can provide a full attachment if needed.  Please help!  Thanks in advance!




Participant Asked on April 23, 2017 in VBA: Macros.
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