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I have to check  in Column A whether any number starts with 113 or 114 and the corresponding value for that cell in Column B is positive or negative and if it is negative, then in Column C against that cell enter value as A. Otherwise Column C should be blank.

I wrote the macro given below, but it is not working.

Sub Example()
Dim c As Range
For Each c In Range("a1:a5")
For Each d In Range("b1:b5")
For Each e In Range("c1:c5")
If c.Value = "" Then
e.Value = ""
If ((Left(c.Value, 3) = 113 Or Left(c.Value, 3) = 114)) And sgn (d.Value) = -1 Then
e.Value = "A"
End If
End If
End Sub

Can anybody help please.

Thanks in advance……

Top Contributor Asked on March 20, 2017 in VBA: Macros.
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Hi, Here is the updated VBA Macro fro your requirement:


In this macro, we are looping through from 1 to 5. And Checking if A1 is starts with 113 or 114, if B1 is a negative value.

If this meets the condition we are printing letter “A” in C1 other wise Blank.

The loop will continue check the A2,A3..up to A5.

Sub VBAF1_CheckCellsIfMeetsConditions()
Dim c As Range
'Loop through From Row 1 to 5
For iCntr = 1 To 5
'Check if its meeting the criterian
If (Left(Range("A" & iCntr), 3) = 113 Or Left(Range("A" & iCntr), 3) = 114) And Range("B" & iCntr) < 0 Then
Range("C" & iCntr) = "A" 'Enter A if meets
Range("C" & iCntr) = "" 'Other wise Blank
End If
End Sub


Keymaster Answered on March 20, 2017.

Thanks for the detailed and informative answer………

on March 20, 2017.
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