Pick up records in between two days to make a report.

I have a list of payments to be made. Shown in “Member List” which has column for due date.

In the  “PayPeriods” I have the pay periods and the pay day. I want help with VBA code to create a report of the payments that are due.

For example we are working for pay day 22FEB18. I have to pick up all the records that fall between 25JAN18 and 07FEB18.

Code would be helpful.

Thank you


EID Name DateDue
123465 JJ10 6-Jan-18
123460 JJ5 11-Jan-18
123466 JJ11 12-Jan-18
123456 JJ1 24-Jan-18
123467 JJ12 31-Jan-18
123458 JJ3 1-Feb-18
123459 JJ4 5-Feb-18
123457 JJ2 7-Feb-18
123461 JJ6 4-Apr-18


First Day Last Day Pay Date
19-Oct-17 01-Nov-17 16-Nov-17
02-Nov-17 15-Nov-17 30-Nov-17
16-Nov-17 29-Nov-17 14-Dec-17
30-Nov-17 13-Dec-17 28-Dec-17
14-Dec-17 27-Dec-17 11-Jan-18
28-Dec-17 10-Jan-18 25-Jan-18
11-Jan-18 24-Jan-18 08-Feb-18
25-Jan-18 07-Feb-18 22-Feb-18
08-Feb-18 21-Feb-18 08-Mar-18
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