Loop Macro


I am using the following macro for generating XML file, however I want to run this in loop and generate multiple files, each file should have an assignee id(see client id) picked from a sheet and populate the appropriate numbers in the Input Sheet (see import)

Loop MacroClient ID

Loop MacroAmount

Loop MacroImport

Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()
Dim iCntr
Dim strFile_Path As String
Dim Filename As String
'Change cell reference accordingly
Filename = Sheets("Input").Range("C6") & "" & Sheets("Input").Range("C7") & "" & Sheets("Input").Range("C9") & ""
strFile_Path = "C:\Temp\CCH\" & Filename & "" & Format(Now(), "dd-MMM-yyyy h-m-s") & ".xml"
Open strFile_Path For Output As #1
For iCntr = 1 To 1110
Print #1, Sheets("Import").Range("D" & iCntr)
Next iCntr
Close #1
End Sub
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