How to use VBA to group Satisfaction Survey Data in Excel

I frequently carry out analyses of Satisfaction Survey Data of very many people. I have a Survey Questionnaire with about 30 questions on my computer. I get each individual to complete the survey data by clicking/choosing I agree, strongly agree, disagree, etc. after which I save the document in the persons name in a folder named ‘Completed Questionnaire’.

I get another person to do the same thing after which I also save it in the person’s name.

When all my respondents have completed the questionnaire – say about 50 respondents, I then I print out each questionnaire and then enter/group the responses into a Summary Excel sheet, from which I use the COUNT function to do the analysis.

I have no problem doing the final survey analysis once the individual questionnaires have been manually entered onto the summary Excel sheet and grouped.

I need a VBA code that will be able to transfer responses from each completed questionnaire onto the Summary Excel sheet as follows, and save me the time and problem of entering the responses manually onto the Summary Excel sheet.

Once an individual completes a questionnaire and I click SAVE, the code should be able to pick the responses from that questionnaire and transfer them to the Summary Excel sheet and thereafter SAVE the completed questionnaire in a designated folder named e.g. ‘Summarized’.

I will then do the required Analysis from the Summary Excel sheet. I don’t have any problem with doing the final analysis using Excel functions.



Participant Asked on November 25, 2017 in Excel: General.
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