VBA copy data from one worksheet named “PreviousFN” to another named”CurrentFN”



I have two columns in a worksheet one with “EmpID”, and the other “Tax Paid”. I get reports every fortnight. Some EmpID gets added and some are dropped. I have worksheet “PreviousFN”

I want to copy “Tax Paid” for the common “EmpID” from the “PreviousFN” to “CurrentFN”.

How do I do it, please?



Expert Asked on April 8, 2017 in VBA.
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Hi, This Macro assumes you have EmpID, Tax Paid in Column A and B. And Data starts from the 2nd Row:


Sub VBAF1_UpdateData()
'LastRow in PreviousFN
lastRowPrev = Sheets("PreviousFN").Cells(Sheets("PreviousFN").Rows.Count, "A").End(xlUp).Row
'LastRow in CurrentFN
lastRowCur = Sheets("CurrentFN").Cells(Sheets("CurrentFN").Rows.Count, "A").End(xlUp).Row
'Now we will loop through each row in PreviousFN and serach for that EmpId in CurrentFN, and update the record if found.Other wise add at the last row
For iCntrPrev = 2 To lastRowPrev
blnExitst = 0
For iCntrCur = 2 To lastRowCur
'Check if EMPIds are macthing
If Sheets("CurrentFN").Cells(iCntrCur, 1) = Sheets("PreviousFN").Cells(iCntrPrev, 1) Then
'if matches then get the value from 2nd ccolumn of PreviousFN and place it at 2nd ccolumn of CurrentFN
Sheets("CurrentFN").Cells(iCntrCur, 2) = Sheets("PreviousFN").Cells(iCntrPrev, 2)
blnExitst = 1
Exit For
End If
Next iCntrCur
'if no match found then add new record
If blnExitst = 0 Then
lastRowCur = lastRowCur + 1
Sheets("CurrentFN").Cells(lastRowCur, 1) = Sheets("PreviousFN").Cells(iCntrPrev, 1)
Sheets("CurrentFN").Cells(lastRowCur, 2) = Sheets("PreviousFN").Cells(iCntrPrev, 2)
End If
Next iCntrPrev
End Sub



Keymaster Answered on April 9, 2017.
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Thanks a lot …fantastic!


Expert Answered on April 9, 2017.
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Now I have added two more worksheets called “Omitted” and “Changed”.


How do I change the above code? So that, if EMPIds are macthing copy them  “Changed”.   And if EMPIds are NOT macthing copy them to “Omitted” please?



Expert Answered on April 23, 2017.
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