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I want to have “show sheet tab” unchecked  from the option menu and only be able to unhide the sheets I need to show via macro button.  The only sheet/tab that should be visible when opening the workbook is Setup or home tab but without showing any tabs. I also need all forms of manual “unhide sheet” to be disable.

Thanks hope this makes sense.

Top Contributor Asked on June 26, 2017 in VBA: Macros.
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Hi Fenway,

Here is the code, It doesn’t allow users to un-hide worksheet, you can set the Visible property of worksheet to xlSheetVeryHidden and lock the VBA code. so that user can not un-hide the worksheet. The below example will hide the sheet and user can not see it in Unhide worksheet dialog list.


Sub sbVeryHiddenSheet()
Sheets("SheetName").Visible = xlSheetVeryHidden
End Sub

 Please find below link to explore more about hide or unhide sheets using VBA macros.

Hide-Unhide-Worksheets using VBA

Regards- Valli

Expert Answered on August 4, 2017.
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