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      VBA Counting cells based on date range

      I have a code that gives the count of cells matching certain results, like date range, and few specific “text”.

      The problem is, I’m not getting the correct count when this code is run. The result is less by 8 or 9. Example if the source has 100 cells matching my condition, I get only 90 as the output.

      The code will be in the userform. “Latency” is the source sheet and “WBR45” is the destination sheet , CAn you please tell what is the mistake here?

      Asked by silverblade on January 16, 2017 in VBA: User Forms.
      2 Answers


      Please share your sample workbook  at info@analysistabs.com


      Answered by Valli on January 16, 2017..
      Top Contributor

      Thanks for the reply and ur time 🙂 I found the answer to this 🙂

      Answered by silverblade on January 16, 2017..