Compile Error : Expected Function or variable while replicating grouping format

I have created a userform which has two Listboxes (Listbox1) & (ListBox2) which list down all the worksheets name present in the workbook. ListBox1 is my source sheet and Listbox2 are my Target sheets I have an OptionBox (OptionBox1).
Basically I want that when I select a sheet from Listbox1 and select few sheets from Listbox 2 and if my OptionBox1 is true then the grouping rows format of the source sheet(Listbox1) should replicate to the target sheets (Listbox2) selected.

I am getting compile error in the below line:

orEach ws.SelectIn ActiveWorkbook.SheetsOverall code:

Dim sh AsVariant
Dim ws As Worksheet
Dim j AsLong
Dim i AsLong
Dim lastRow AsLong
Dim lastcolumn AsLong
Dim sht AsString
Dim source As Worksheet
Dim z AsLong
PrivateSub CommandButton1_Click()
IfMe.OptionButton1.Value =TrueThen
For i =0ToMe.ListBox1.ListCount -1
Set source = Worksheets(Me.ListBox1.List(i))
lastRow = source.UsedRange.Row + source.UsedRange.Rows.Count -1
For z =0ToMe.ListBox2.ListCount -1
Set ws = ActiveWorkbook.Worksheets(Me.ListBox2.List(z))
ForEach ws.SelectIn ActiveWorkbook.Sheets
For j = source.UsedRange.Row To lastRow
ws.Rows(j).OutlineLevel = source.Rows(j).OutlineLevel
Next j
Next ws
PrivateSub OptionButton1_Click()
Me.ListBox2.MultiSelect = fmMultiSelectExtended
PrivateSub UserForm_Initialize()
'for each loop the add visible sheets
ForEach sh In ActiveWorkbook.Sheets
'add sheets to the listbox
Me.ListBox1.AddItem sh.Name
Next sh
'for each loop the add visible sheets
ForEach sh In ActiveWorkbook.Sheets
'add sheets to the listbox
Me.ListBox2.AddItem sh.Name
Next sh
End Sub
Participant Asked on May 16, 2017 in VBA: User Forms.
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