VBA to change Textbox to ComboBox

I used to fill the dates for a “database” with STD text boxes. How can I change it to comboboxes?
I would like to integrate a combobox (or else) to change for a more userfriendly way to upload   our quotes to a database.

The quote database would connected to a Customer database on another sheet, where I would like to use only two datas, the customer name and the contact person.

I would like to add a drop down box for the company and afterwards the next drop down box should only contain the contact persons for only that company.

Thanks to help!



Contributor Asked on January 11, 2017 in VBA: Programming.
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Could you please explain your query with sample data?



Expert Answered on January 11, 2017.
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Company Contact
0,4 KW Fazekas Tamás
0,4 KW Fejszák Attila
31 Kft Tóth József
3-pont Osváth Tamás
4D Plan Madarász István
6an Kft Deseffwy Imre
A.Zoltán A. Zoltán
Abacus Varga Gyula
ABB Kft. Obrecsányi Viktor
ABB Kft. Solymosi Anita
ACC Hungary Zacher Zsolt
ACIS Complex Barcsai Gábor
ACIS Complex Gáspár Gergely
ACSK Répászky László
Adamit Dobó Zsuzsa
Adamit Pocsay Levente
Aerzen Hungária Kft Holzhaklerné Major Klaudia
Aerzen Hungária Kft Hunya Miklós
Aerzen Hungária Kft Legányi Mónika
AES Tisza Erőmű Kft Majoros Zoltán
Agrana-Juice Chrobak Péter
Agrana-Juice Gém Ferenc
Agrana-Juice Margitics Mihály
Agrana-Juice Pető László
Agrana-Juice Simon László
Contributor Answered on January 11, 2017.
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